Woman Has Been Searching For Lost Dog For 100 Days In Canadian Woods — Refuses To Give Up


Now, Taylor rescues dogs for a living. “Generally, I start where the dog was last seen,” Taylor said. “I pretty much go on my own, and I track by paw prints and poop. I find the animal’s water source from the place where it was last seen, and I look for prints around that area, and then usually we find signs of life.”

Taylor ended up adopting a dog named Brandy. She has trained Brandy to help her with finding other missing dogs.


“If the owner has a blanket or a jacket or something with the dog’s scent on it that I can send my tracking dog to, that’s one of steps I will take,” Taylor said. “But if the terrain is full of cougars, I don’t want to bring my tracking dog in there.”

Her job is very difficult though, because often times, the dogs have been lost and scared for a while. Living in the Canadian wilderness has changed their character somewhat.


“By the time I usually get the call that the dogs are lost, they’ve been out there for a week or two, and they’ve become feral,” Taylor said. “They don’t want to be caught, and they don’t see people as safe to go to.”

Bailey has proven to be one of Taylor’s toughest rescues. “The longest one I’ve ever had before is 19 days,” Taylor said. “And in my mind, that was amazingly long. But this gal — she’s been running for over three months now.”

“I’ve had her within 25 feet of me four times — just about within grabbing range,” Taylor added. “But she just can’t allow herself to be caught.”


Bailey’s instincts have apparently changed and that’s why she’s been so difficult to capture. Continue to the next page for more.

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