Woman Has Been Searching For Lost Dog For 100 Days In Canadian Woods — Refuses To Give Up


A dog named Bailey has been missing in the woods of Alberta, Canada for 98 days. But Bailey’s owner, Peter Weibe, refuses to give up on finding his beloved dog. Thankfully, he had some help from Kim Taylor, a professional dog finder.

This past August, Weibe was camping with Bailey and his other two dogs, Atilla and Gusto, in the Canadian wilderness near Sundre, Alberta. A thunderstorm came through and swept through the entire area.

“There was a bolt of thunder, and two of the three dogs ran — Bailey and her son Atilla,” Taylor told The Dodo. “Peter went after them — for four days and nights straight.”

After those four days, Weibe was able to find Atilla in a field, but Bailey was nowhere to be found. That’s when Weibe decided to turn to the internet for some help. That’s how he ended up connecting with Taylor.

Taylor started doing dog search and rescue after losing her own. “My husband had our two Labs out for a run in the winter in February, and in about 20 minutes, one vanished,” Taylor said. “It just drove me crazy.”

Sadly, she never found Ryley. That’s why it was so important for her to help Weibe. Continue to the next page for more.

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