Woman Abandons Dog Outside Vet Clinic — Leaves Note That Tells The Tragic Truth


Most of us could never fathom leaving or abandoning a dog. They are our family and should never be discarded like garbage. However, sometimes there are circumstances in life that are out of our control.

We are all dealt a hand with different cards — sometimes life brings positivity and fulfillment, other times, it brings heartbreak and tragedy. It’s all out of our control — it’s our reactions to these situations that truly define us.

One Connecticut resident recently fell on those hard times, and sadly, she had a Pit Bull named Fatty McFat that was alongside her. She recently became homeless — her and Fatty McFat had to live in her car.

For two long months, the two tried their best to live inside the vehicle, but she started to feel extreme guilt for bringing her dog into this situation. She knew he deserved a life so much better than that.

Fatty McFat’s owner apparently reached out to over 50 organizations to see if they could take her dog, but everyone turned him down. He was viewed as “aggressive” because he would snap at anyone he didn’t know or that he felt was threatening his owner.

The Pit Bull’s owner knows that he’s not a mean dog, he’s just scared and protective. He just needed a chance. She was getting desperate and knew he couldn’t live with her in the car for much longer.

She decided to write a note and leave him at a vet clinic. It was her last resort. Continue to the next page to see what happened!