Two Hero Pit Bulls Get Bit By Venomous Snake While Protecting Two Kids


When you’re scrolling through social media, you’ll probably come across the names, Paco and Slayer. They were playing the backyard with their mama’s grandchildren when a poisonous snake appeared from the brush.

The two children that were playing outside with the dogs were dangerously close to the Copperhead snake. The brave Pit Bulls didn’t think twice and immediately sprung into action to protect those kids.

Paco and Slayer started barking like crazy, trying their best to scare the terrifying snake away from the children. Sadly — the snake retaliated, and both of the dogs were bitten.

Paco was bitten on the leg, and Slayer was bitten twice on his face. When the family emerged from the house after hearing the chaos, they realized what happened and were completely shocked.

They knew they had to get the two Pit Bulls to the emergency animal hospital immediately. Their lives were seriously in danger. A Copperhead snake is known for being extremely venomous.

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