Tiny Pit Bull Puppies Learn How To Swim In The Bathtub!

Tiny Pit Bull Puppies

Watching puppies learn how to do new things is just about one of the greatest joys this planet has to offer us. They’re so new to the world that everything they do is filled with curiosity and extreme cuteness.

Do you remember Hulk the Pit Bull? He’s that giant Pit Bull that has caused quite the controversy. Many say his breeders are reckless and breeding the dogs for wrong reasons. We aren’t here to take sides on this issue.

What we’re here to do is share the adorable video that was released of Hulk’s new puppies learning how to swim. And they’re doing it in the bathtub! It’s too much to handle!

Judging a dog isn’t fair — they were raised to be who they are. It’s all up to the owner in how the dog behaves. That’s as plain and simple as it gets.

Again – we aren’t here to judge the breeder or take a stand on whether or not Hulk was bred for right or wrong reasons. We’re just simply obsessed with his cute puppies and of course, wish and hope that they all end up in safe and loving homes.

Continue to the next page to watch these cutie pies learn how to doggy paddle in the home bathtub. Some of them catch on quite quickly! It’s way too cute not to watch a couple times through!

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