Tiniest Pit Bull In The World Is Defying All Odds And Determined To Grow Up Strong


Sasha is nicknamed a “miracle puppy” because she has already overcome so much in her short life. Her rescuer and foster mom, Marie DeMarco is in awe of how the tiniest Pit Bull in the world is fighting her way through life.

“She’s defying all the odds,” DeMarco, Sasha’s foster mom and founder of the nonprofit FURRR 911, told a fellow website. “She’s proven that she wants to be here.” From the moment that Sasha was born, her life was on the line.

She was born in September with a cleft lip and palate which prevented the small puppy from being able to nurse. Knowing that she’d need extra care, her caretakers contacted Courtney Bellew, the director at SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast, for help.

“The owner recognized she had a cleft palate and lip and wanted to try and save her,” Bellew said. “He brought her to my house and she was so tiny and fragile.”

Sasha was going to need to be tube fed and they weren’t certain if she’d survive the first few days of her life. This is when Bellew contacted DeMarco who specializes in kitties in critical condition.

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