Tank The Pit Bull Is Officially The Laziest Dog On Earth

Tank the Pit bull

Most people who read our site or are fans of our Facebook are no stranger as to who Tank the Pit Bull is. He’s become quite famous all over the web for his extremely funny and adorable antics. I know we’re obsessed.

First we showed you his stalker tendencies. Never letting his owner of out his sight – no matter where she went around the house. It wouldn’t be more than a couple seconds before he’d appear in whatever room she was in.

After that hilarious video we then showed you how Tank the Pit Bull would perform some serious staring contests with his owner. She’d look him straight in the eye and he wouldn’t break! Even when she looked away.

Well – Tank is back and he’s just as hilarious as ever. But only this time? I think we can completely relate to how he’s feeling in this video. It’s safe to say we’ve all felt this way at one point in time during our lives – if not often.

Watch Tank the Pit Bull on the next page as his owner tries to wake him up from a long night’s sleep. It’s definitely not as easy as you’d think! Too adorable.

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