Shelter Pit Bull Labeled ‘Aggressive’ Is Adopted And Proves That He’s Actually The Sweetest Dog!


Pit Bulls, time after time, are labeled as ‘aggressive.’ The stereotype persists today and it’s a misconception that has got to stop. Pit Bulls are sweet, loving, and loyal dogs that make the best family members.

One Pit Bull, named Bruce, was in a shelter and he was labeled as “aggressive.” This, of course, prevented him from being picked for adoption. His chances of having a forever home were looking very slim.

Thankfully — a man named Alex Knappenberger saw Bruce and immediately knew that he was misunderstood. Alex could tell that Bruce was a sweetheart and just needed a chance.

The shelter suggested that Alex take Bruce for a walk around the grounds to gauge the dog’s demeanor. After walking around for a few minutes — Alex saw no reason why he wouldn’t take Bruce into his home.

The video on the next page of Bruce and his new family is absolutely precious and will completely make your day. If you needed a mood-lifter — you found it!