Shelter Dog Wins New Mom Over With The Sweetest, Silliest Smile Ever


“So many people just say that he smiles like a human,” Ivy Rylander, Milo’s mom, told a fellow website. “A lot of dogs smile, but there’s something so big and happy about his grin.” And we’d have to agree, it’s pretty special.

Five and a half years ago, Rylander and her partner had just gotten a new apartment in San Francisco. After getting settled, they decided that they wanted to adopt a dog. They went to the Perfect Dog Rescue website and immediately fell in love with Milo’s picture.

Milo was only 8-months-old when he was found as a stray in California. Rescuers didn’t know much about his story, but they could tell that he was fairly anxious and nervous.

“He’s more nervous than a lot of other dogs, so they actually brought him to our house,” Rylander said. “He was really shy, and they had to help him up to the stairs to our apartment.”

Rylander didn’t care that Milo was shy and a bit nervous, there was something about him that was drawing her to him. Plus, he had a smile that was absolutely to die for.

“I just knew he was the one,” Rylander said. “Once they left him at our house, there was no way we were going to say that this wasn’t working out.”

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