This Shelter Doesn’t Give Pit Bulls Cages – They Give Them Cottages!

no cages

Get ready to hear about one of the best stories and news pieces about Pit Bulls in weeks – maybe even months. A shelter in Oregon (if you can even call them that) is doing something incredible to help Pit Bulls adapt.

A shelter/dog rescue in Oregon called Luvable Dog Rescue has over 55 acres of land for Pit Bulls that have been taken in and rescued – all waiting for their forever home. Luckily for these Pitties – their time isn’t spent in cages. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The location of the shelter is in a beautiful wooded area with trails and gorgeous views. The Pit Bulls have their own cottages in which they live until they are adopted. Each cottage offers the Pit Bull both indoor and outdoor space.

The point of these cottages is so that the staff can see how and understand how each dog would act and behave like in a home environment. So each cottage has furniture, artwork, etc. How incredible is that?

Continue to the next page to see some gorgeous pictures of such an amazing organization. We truly hope that other shelters can learn a thing or two from Luvable Dog Rescue. Such an ingenious idea!

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