Service Pit Bull Helps His New Mom Deal With Life-Changing Disease


Once in a shelter, like thousands of Pit Bulls, a sweet boy named Koda was lucky enough to find her way out of the system. He’s only 5-years-old and her early life was anything but easy — now? He’s a service Pit Bull.

Koda was waiting to be adopted at a shelter called the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, New York. Another rescue program took notice to Koda and his sweet and kind disposition.

The Animal Farm Foundation thought Koda would be perfect for their Assistance Dog Program; they take qualified Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes out of the shelter system and trains them to be service dogs.

“All dogs are individuals, and while some tend to prefer staying cozy on the couch all day as a family pet, others have the right characteristics to perform service work,” Bernice Clifford, director of behavior and training at AFF, told a fellow website. “In Koda’s case, he had a great personality, was very comfortable with being around other dogs and people and had the desire and energy to do the work.”

Prior to the shelter, Koda initially had gone to a farm but the landlord felt uncomfortable with Koda being around his cows. He asked that Koda is taken away from his property.

When Koda was rehomed, an animal control officer did a follow-up and found out that the new owner was previously convicted of animal cruelty. Koda was taken away once more. That’s how Koda ended up at the shelter before she was discovered.

Life was going to not only change for Koda but everyone she encountered as well! Continue to the next page.