Senior Dog Waited 980 Days For A Home — Will Finally Live Out Her Days With Love!


Princess is a beautiful senior dog — a Bulldog to be exact. She spent almost 1,000 days in and out of shelters, looking for a home. After failed adoptions and foster homes, Princess was moved to a boarding facility.

While Princess was at the boarding facility, she was at least receiving positive attention and affection. The staff members absolutely fell in love with her, but the problem was, it wasn’t a real home.

The sweet senior dog was starting to become depressed after bouncing around so much, and living life in kennels. All she was truly wanting was stability, love, and safety.

Back in 2013, she was abandoned at a shelter by a family that was moving and didn’t want to take her with them. This was the moment when Princess’s life was turned upside down, it’s so heartbreaking.

Princess was immediately put on the “kill list” at the shelter because of her age. Many elderly dogs are passed by at shelters time and time again because people are usually looking for younger dogs or puppies.

Thankfully — a rescue worker named Elena learned of Princess and decided to foster the Bulldog until she could place her in a real home. This was all that was needed for Princess to start coming out of her shell.

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