Senior Dog Abandoned By Family — Had To Survive By Eating Rocks

senior dog

A dog named Stewie’s family moved away but they decided to leave him behind. The senior dog was so confused as to where his family went that he just stayed and waited for them. A whole year would go by before someone came to help.

Stewie is an 11-year-old Pit Bull mix was absolutely starving. He had been living on his own for an entire year before Hope for Paws received a call about him. They immediately went to check out the senior dog’s living conditions.

When Hope for Paws arrived, the found the dog cowering in the front yard in a crawl space. The amazing rescuers brought out their trusty tactic to try and gain Stewie’s trust — treats.

But the senior dog was too scared of the rescuers and as soon as he saw them, he took off running because he thought they were there to hurt him. The scared dog ran down the street about a block.

Hope for Paws knew that the house was all that the dog was attached to, so they knew he’d be back and decided to wait for him. It wasn’t long until their thoughts had proved right. Stewie had returned.

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