Rou The Therapy Pit Bull Is Helping Girl Get Over Paralyzing Fear Of Dogs

Therapy Pit Bull Helps Girl

This story is absolutely touching and beyond moving. Dog’s come into our lives and make them better. And one therapy Pit Bull is changing a young girl’s life forever in the most positive way we could think of!

A young 12-year old girl (who remains anonymous) was absolutely petrified of dogs. Her mother, named Kun Li, says that her daughter would run off the sidewalk if she says a dog approaching. This is obviously very dangerous and also emotionally traumatizing.

An organization based out of Chicago named Canine Therapy Corps decided to step in to help and they knew just what dog they would send to the young girl. A therapy Pit Bull named Rou is 11-years old and he was rescued from death row.

Rou is a bit of a goofball but has been certified for 8-years now as a therapy Pit Bull – helping out at places like hospitals, rehabs, and schools. But it’s how Rou was able to help this young girl conquer her fears that is absolutely jaw dropping.

The little girl had a fascination with the movie “Frozen” so they decided Rou might be able to use this knowledge to help the girl start loving dogs instead of being frozen herself.

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