Rescuing 3-Legged Puppy Was The Best Thing This Woman Could Have Done — For Her And The Pup!


In late August, a Pit Bull puppy named Chunk was brought to Chicago’s municipal shelter — she had been found on a sidewalk. Sadly, the little puppy’s paw was also badly injured, presumably from an old bite wound.

Thankfully, Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program, or CRISP, was at the shelter that day. According to The Dodo:

“CRISP is a coalition of eight rescue organizations that work together to help prevent pets from winding up in the shelter. Usually CRISP does this by helping provide pet supplies and services.”

Chunk was eventually taken in by One Tail At A Time, which is one of the eight rescue organizations in CRISP. They took her to the emergency vet as quickly as they could, her paw needed immediate attention.

When she arrived at the animal hospital, the doctors had some bad news — her leg would need to be amputated. But the wonderful news was — they could save her life. She was very close to sepsis.

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