Rescuers Find Pit Bulls Who Have Been Treading In Floodwaters For 16 Hours


No matter where you live these days, it seems like the weather has been going absolutely crazy lately. Flash floods, hurricanes, fires — it seems like the natural disasters are never-ending. The floodwaters in Louisiana were just one of these terrible disasters.

Storms and flash floods hit Louisiana extremely hard lately. Thousands of people have been left without homes. Eleven people have even been killed. Many had to flee without taking any of their belongings with them. Some — even left their pets.

Two volunteer rescuers named Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson were taking their rescue boat through the floodwaters looking for any person or animal who might need help. They were helping in the area near Baton Rouge.

This area was hit particularly hard. The flash floods produced over 8 feet of water in just under two hours. It was absolutely terrifying and devastating.

As they were patrolling the floodwaters, they noticed something struggling in the water within some bushes. As they got closer, they realized it was a dog that was treading water. They estimated the poor thing was there for 16 hours when the flash flood had hit.

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