Rescued Pit Bull Mom Terrified Of Almost Everything Except Her Own Puppy

Rescued Pit Bull

A mother’s bond with her babies is unlike any other bond in the entire world. As soon as their child is born into the world – it’s an extremely powerful relationship. A rescued Pit Bull can definitely confirm this as well.

A Pit Bull named A.J. was recently rescued in horrible condition. She was so terrified of her surroundings and people that she refused to leave her cage. It was her safety zone – she didn’t trust anyone.

Adorably – A.J. stands for “Apple Jacks” – she was rescued in Texas along with one of her puppies named Tuttle. Both Pit Bulls had worms and A.J. had terrible mange. The rescuers were unsure what happened to her other puppies.

We can’t even imagine how traumatizing her situation must have been for her. It makes us tear up even thinking about her horrible ordeal.

But what the rescuers did know was that A.J. was absolutely terrified of almost everything. They knew the medical conditions would be easy to fix but it was the emotional trauma that would take some time.

Continue to the next page and watch what happens as A.J. and Tuttle make incredible transformations over time. These rescuers are truly angels on earth and we couldn’t thank them enough!