Rescue Pittie Hates The Rain, Rubber Ducky Raincoat Makes Him Feel Safe


Odie is a super cute Pit Bull that was taken in by a rescue organization in Seattle. It wasn’t long before Odie was adopted by his new mom. The two of them had all summer to play outside and bond — then the rain started.

Little Odie had never experienced the rainy season before, he was just so young. And as it turns out, it’s definitely not his favorite thing in the world.

“I got him in the summer so as soon as we hit the rainy fall it became clear he was not a fan,” Stephanie Lennon, Odie’s mom, told a fellow website. “He will take a few steps out the door and come running back in if it’s really coming down.”

After taking Odie home, he had a bit of a skin condition. Lennon would often dress him in a hoodie to keep him warm and comfortable, and also to protect his sensitive skin. As it turns out, the hoodie was his new favorite belonging.

When Lennon realized how much her sweet dog loved the soft hoodie, she thought a raincoat would be perfect for him. “My mom found the raincoat on Amazon and sent it to me immediately,” Lennon said. “It was just too cute to pass up!”

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