Rescue Dog Makes Hilarious Faces For New Mom And Has No Idea He’s Doing It


Last April, things weren’t going so great for a pup named Reg. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier-Whippet mix was separated from his mom as a little puppy. Now? His new human mom couldn’t love him more.

After Reg was separated from his family at a young age, he roamed the streets as a stray until he was picked up and taken to the shelter. Sadly — it was located in an area that only had kill shelters that were already overcrowded.

With his days numbered, Reg needed to be adopted quickly, otherwise, his life was going to be cut short. The beautiful dog spent three long weeks at the shelter — they had given him three more days before they were going to have to put him down.

The puppy was shy and a bit standoffish so it was going to be difficult to try and get him in a home in just three days. Thankfully — this is the exact moment when Samantha Hill and Luke Pearce happened to visit the shelter.

“We were walking around looking at all the dogs and he was sitting against the cage door quietly while all the other dogs were barking,” Hill tells a fellow website. “He looked up at us with his sweet face and wagged his tail like crazy.”

Of course, we’re sure you can guess what happened next! Continue to the next page to see Reg and his new family. Plus, he has some seriously funny faces that he likes to show mom…without even know it!

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