Prepare To Meet The Neediest (And Sweetest) Dog On The Planet!

sweetest dog ever

All you need is love. That’s what The Beatles sang about and that’s truly what everyone on this planet deserves. Without love and kindness, where would we be in this world? It’s vital to our happiness. The sweetest dogs in the world are this way because they were loved!

When I say “our” happiness – I’m talking about every living creature. And since we’re biased about our love towards dogs over here at Pit Bull Paws – we ESPECIALLY mean our four legged furry creatures.

Since you’re visiting our page, it’s clear that we don’t have to explain to you all the ridiculous rumors about Pit Bulls and how they are an aggressive breed. In fact? That really couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re one of the sweetest breeds around!

The video you’re about to watch (on the next page) is one of thousands of videos out there that prove just how tender and loving Pit Bulls can be when they are loved and treated kindly. It’s absolutely precious.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is just in HEAVEN while his owner is scratching his back ever so sweetly. But as soon as that scratching stops? The cute dog just is not having that at all! See how he gets his owner to continue showing the love!

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