Pregnant Stray Pit Bull Gives Birth To Her Puppies On The Way To The Shelter


An officer received a call about a golden-coated Pit Bull wandering the streets of Dallas, Texas. When he placed her in the vehicle to go to the shelter, there was a shock of a lifetime delivered on the way.

Jerry Chandler is an officer with Dallas Animal Services and said that the dog was very sweet and very well-mannered when he first approached her. “She just wagged her tail,” Chandler tells a fellow website.

When he first picked her up, he had an inkling that the sweet girl was pregnant but couldn’t be sure. He figured he’d get a veterinarian to examine her once she got settled at the shelter. Chandler didn’t think the situation was very urgent.

But to Chandler’s surprise, as he was pulling up to the shelter, the pregnant dog had already given birth to one of her puppies. He started calling for help to try and get the birthing dog out of the car.

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