Pregnant Pit Bull Mom Gets Her Own Baby Shower And Twitter Is Going Crazy


The level of cuteness you’re about to witness here is completely off the charts. So fair warning, your heart might melt into a puddle, or possibly explode. This has been the case of many people on Twitter because of a pregnant dog.

The special dog is a Pit Bull named Winter. Winter is very pregnant and she, along with her family, are so excited to welcome her new puppies into the world. So excited, in fact, that they had to celebrate!

It’s typical and traditional in American to throw a baby shower for moms-to-be. It’s a time to celebrate the miracle of pregnancy and shower the mama with gifts for her and the new baby.

Most times, if not all, it’s usually a human mom that gets a baby shower, not an animal! However, one family decided to think outside the box and throw Winter one for herself. Why can’t they have a baby shower for a dog?

Winter’s owner, Gisselle Suarez, got super creative and put together one of the most fabulous and adorable parties we’ve ever seen. No wonder the Twittersphere went absolutely nuts after seeing it!

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