Pit Bulls Saved From Shelters By Police & Becoming K9s – Given A Chance To Shine!


Day after day – the battle for Pit Bulls continues. For some reason, their bad reputation still stands even though it’s been proven wrong time and time again. But Pitties are being saved from shelters and the reason is incredible.

Police Departments across the country are seeing budgetary cuts – and one of those cuts is seen in their K9 department. Traditional K9s are usually bred and trained for close to $10,000 each.

A few organizations across the country are trying to help. They’re trying to help Pit Bulls and the police departments. They’re called Animal Farm Foundation they’re helping Pit Bulls become adopted to become official police K9s.

Since Pit Bulls are often misrepresented – the Animal Farm Foundation is helping prove that they are smart and protective creatures that can help save lives and become excellent K9s. They are invaluable.

Continue to the next page to see some of these dogs go from being caged up in shelters to looking quite dapper in their new uniforms! You’ll just be so ecstatic – we definitely were!

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