Pit Bulls Facing Euthanasia Are Being Adopted By Police Departments And We Couldn’t Be Happier!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. The Pit Bull breed is negatively stereotyped again and again because people do not understand this, giving them a horrible reputation.

They are often bred to be aggressive and over-protective because all they are doing is trying to please their owner. Pit Bulls are naturally strong and very protective so people have taken advantage of this fact and raise them to be something they are not.

Unfortunately, due to all the negative press and stereotypes, many Pit Bulls face euthanasia every single day. Sometimes it’s because they acted out on behalf of their owner’s commands but sometimes they are put down just simply for being a Pit Bull.

Pit Bulls are known for being very loyal and loving dogs — however, bad people on this earth take advantage of these traits. All Pit Bulls want to do is please their owners so when they are trained to fight or bite — they’ll obey because it’s all they know.

The awful treatment and breeding of Pit Bulls has got to stop and the more we spread awareness about the issue — the faster we can turn the stereotype around. Thankfully — there are police departments that are trying to help.

Police departments all around the United States are helping put an end to this negative stereotype and it’s absolutely amazing! They are rescuing this beautiful breed before they face certain death.

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