Pit Bull Saves German Shepherd From Starving To Death – UNBELIEVABLE!

German Shepherd Rescue

No Kill Kern is an animal rescue organization and they received a horrific call one day. A German Shepherd was living in a field – and apparently, she was in terrible condition. Extremely skinny and obviously starving.

The rescue organization immediately went into action and they brought a vital tool with them to help locate the scared and starving girl – a Pit Bull named Lucy. Lucy helps No Kill Kern with rescue missions.

When they arrived- Lucy spotted the German Shepherd but clearly, she was way too terrified to approach the rescue group. They tried and tried but could not get the starving dog to come to them.

As a last ditch effort they left a “trap” and left the area in hopes that the German Shepherd would eventually be temporarily captured. It was a crate with food inside of it to lure her in.

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  1. great story about saving a dogs life, I always like these stories. I was expecting to see a super skinny, malnourished, hair mangled German Sheppard. I was surprised that she looked as great as she did. Yes I agree, the titles are not desirable. Be truthful. Thanks for saving this girly, she deserves a forever loving home.