Pit Bull Rescues Boy From Being Murdered By His Mother — He Was Then Seized By Authorities


This story is almost so shocking it’s hard to believe it’s real. Please be aware that this story might be hard to read and see for some of our sensitive readers. It’s a horrific story involving a mother and her sons, however, because of this Pit Bull, there is some happiness to come from a this tragic situation.

A Pit Bull named Buddy was with his owners at the Murray River near Moama, Australia. All of the sudden, Buddy took off and ran toward a boy in distress. What was truly happening was so horrific, it’s hard to believe.

A 27-year-old woman was attempting to drown her 5- and 9-year-old sons. Buddy was running toward the mother, attempting to save the 9-year-old from being held under the water. He knew he had to get him out of the river.

Buddy grabbed the boy by biting his arm and dragging him to safety. He knew he had to get him as far away from the woman as possible. If it hadn’t been for Buddy, the boy would not have survived.

There is more to this tragic and sad story, however, Buddy’s actions turned a tragedy into a miracle.

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