Pit Bull Puppy Saved From Fire 一 But True Miracle Happened 5 Months Later


When a Pit Bull puppy named Jake was just 3-weeks old, he had to be rescued from a burning shed. When firefighter Bill Lindler found him, he had burns on 50-75% of his tiny little body. It was heartbreaking, but he was alive.

After the firefighter found and rescued the dog, he immediately fell in love. It was an instant connection and he knew couldn’t let it go. Bill decided to adopt the Pit Bull puppy and take him home.

“I knew this little guy was gonna need a good little lovin’ home,” Bill says.

Once Bill welcome Jake into his home, and brought him into the fire station, they were inseparable. It became obvious that these two were instant best friends and there was no pulling them apart.

“You’re not going to get ‘em apart for too long before he starts barking,” a firefighter at Bill’s station says.

But this was going to prove to be just the beginning for Pit Bull puppy Jake! His life was only going to continue to get better. In fact, he was going to go from being the one that was rescued to the one doing the rescuing!

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