Pit Bull Puppy Left For Dead On Train Tracks Becomes Therapy Dog After Prosthetic Foot Saves Him

pit bull puppy

It’s absolutely heartbreaking and unfathomable how much harm humans can do to each other and to other creatures. Be aware that this story is a bit hard to hear but we promise it has a very happy ending for this Pit Bull puppy.

For most people – we can’t even comprehend harming someone or something else. It just doesn’t register – because thankfully, most humans are inherently good. It’s a shame that the bad seeds don’t develop horns or something to tell them apart from the good ones.

The lowest of low when it comes to abusers are those that can hurt an innocent child, baby, or animal. No abuse is acceptable whatsoever.

It’s absolutely disgusting. One Pit Bull puppy, unfortunately, found out that these people do indeed exist.

A tiny puppy named Hudson was only 3 weeks old when a group of railroad workers discovered him. Hudson, along with his siblings, was nailed down to a set of railroad tracks. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

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