Pit Bull Plays Hide & Seek With His Owner And Is WAY Good At It!

Tank plays

I can’t think of a better to pass the time than spending it with our favorite buddies – our dogs. It’s so fun to be silly and play games with them! And Tank the Pit Bull plays the best game of hide and seek EVER.

We have shared lots of posts about Mr. Tank. He just keeps winning over our hearts with his adorable antics. We must say that his owner is one lucky girl because Tank is quite the entertaining fellow.

Sometimes Tank can act a little weird sometimes like in this previous video. But hey – who’s not a little weird sometimes? That’s what makes him so special! We embrace his strangeness because it’s flat out adorable.

But this time – in the video on the next page – Tank is playing hide and seek with his owner. She’s hiding from the Pittie and is waiting super patiently for Tank to come and seek (or sniff) out where she is.

Continue to the next page to watch Tank absolutely own this game of hide and seeks. He plays it like nobody’s business! And his reaction when he finds her? Hilarious!