Pit Bull Kisses Her Puppies One By One As Rescuers Pull Them To Safety


A homeless Pit Bull named Rainbow had recently given birth to puppies. She was going to do everything in her power to keep them safe. Sadly — a massive rainstorm in California was going to make this very difficult for Rainbow. Only 48 hours after giving birth to her litter is when the downpour happened. Hope for Paws got word that she needed rescuing and drove 3 and a half hours to locate her and her newborn puppies.

At first it was difficult to find the dogs in the thick bushes, it was completely dark when the rescuers arrived. Soon, they were able to find them deep within the bushes — huddling together to stay warm. Rainbow was well-known in the area and had tried to be rescued but was always too scared and would run away. Now that she has precious puppies to protect, it seemed like she was willing to give a little. This amazing story continues on the Next Page. You have got to see this rescue video.


  1. That was so beautiful to watch. Oh my goodness. You people are angels and such good will come your way in return. Many blessings.

  2. Just gorgeous! When the mama gets to discover love and security together with her babies it’s magnificent. The dramatic music makes this hard to watch till the end. The mama and the puppies make it worthwhile tho.

  3. It`s really magnificent what you do. I wish I could do something to help but as I live in England there`s not much I can do. If there is anything I can do for you please drop me a line.

  4. The pictures in this article are not of PITBULLS. NOT one of the puppies or mother is a Pitbull. So, if you want to know their correct breed, have the mother and a couple of the puppies genetically tested.

  5. you guys are the best!!!! I D on’t know how you do it. i wanted to cry during the video. we rescued a female pit from a rescue ctr 2 weeks after they found her & she had just given birth. we have no idea where her puppies are. the guy that found her could not find any around so we think the people kept them and dumped her. she was full of milk & just had to let her dry up. its sad because i think she was sad. i don’t k ow how you guys can let them all go. they are so cute. i would want them all. GOD BLESS all of you that can do this kind of work THANK YOU. we need more people like you

  6. wow, my heart was totally warmed by your love and affection for this mama and puppies. I have breed dogs and when I think of all the care we gave prior to them being born and being there for the mama when born , it made my heart sad that people can abandon their beloved pets. She is a warm loving place now and new hope for her puppies…thank you sincerely for being angels for them.