Pit Bull Hears Woman Scream In The Street – Cops Now Calling Him A Hero!

Hero Dog

After hearing horrible news in October of 2016 about Pit Bull bans and other outrageous claims about the breed. This story just proves them all wrong – because this particular Pit Bull is a true hero and blessing to this world.

Thankfully, however, it’s a story that demonstrates what Pit Bulls really are — loving, wonderful, and caring dogs. Pit Bull hero stories are our absolute favorite kind that we come across on the internet.

Like this story of the Pit Bull who risked his life, saving a little boy from a venomous Copperhead snake bite. The heroic dog didn’t hesitate for one moment whatsoever. Incredible.

Or, this story, a gorgeous Pit Bull named Zack wasn’t given a chance just because of his breed. A dad was scared to let the dog by his newborn baby — but once seeing the dog, and baby together? The dad’s mind totally changed.

Those are the types of stories we love sharing. Not the ones of abuse or neglect. Certainly not the ones of any sort of dog fighting. Even when those stories have happy endings — they are still hard pills to swallow.

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