Pit Bull With Half A Nose Was Abandoned Three Times — She Finally Found Her Forever Home


Kia is a Pit Bull that was born with a cleft lip. It was so severe that she was missing almost half of her entire nose and face. To add to the matter, the left side of her teeth grew upward instead of straight down.

Because of her deformed face, Kia slobbers all over and she isn’t the best sleeping partner since she snores so loudly. Perhaps this is why the three families that adopted Kia would always bring her back to the shelter.

Pit Bulls still have a bad reputation despite all of the countless hero Pit Bull stories or how wonderful they are with children. When people would see Kia, they would assume that she looked the way she did because of dog fighting.

Of course, Kia wasn’t involved in dog fighting — she was just born that way. Sadly, people seemed to constantly misunderstand her or not give her the chance that she truly deserved.

Thankfully, a woman named Lindsey Christiansen decided to take a chance on Kia. She adopted her from the Cache Humane Society in Utah. “Kia’s cleft lip is something she was born with,” Lindsey said. “She still has both nostrils, but she is missing the lip and part of her nose. Her teeth are growing up into her nostril. People say she is ugly and ask, ‘Who would get a dog like that?’”

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