Pit Bull Ban In Montreal Has Been Suspended – For Now…


Not too long ago we had received news that Pit Bulls were banned and sentenced to death row in Montreal. The exception to this was if the owner’s met some very strict and quite ridiculous rules and regulations.

The news of the legislation upset dog lovers and people all around the world. Banning the Pit Bull breed was heartbreaking news to so many that know the true character of these dogs – knowing that their behavior has nothing to do with their breed but instead with their upbringing.

Justice Louis Gouin ordered that the ban be suspended after the major outcry from the public. His decision couldn’t have come at  more crucial time. Thousands of Pit Bulls had been deemed unadoptable and were facing imminent euthanasia.

Thankfully – before the legislation had been passed and rumor got out that it would be happening – hundreds of dogs had been adopted from the shelters by rescue groups and people who wanted to save them from a cruel fate.

Continue to the next page to see how you can help make this ban permanent and who else has been behind making this great news happen. We couldn’t be more grateful!

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