Pit Bull Ban In Montreal Causing Confusion And Anger Over Threats To Seize Dogs


The City of Montreal in Quebec, Canada has been in the headlines over the past year due to a Pit Bull ban that was put into effect after a woman was mauled. Since then, the ban has just gotten more and more confusing.

After the ban was put into effect, it was then suspended. After that, it was modified to allow owners to apply for the proper permits and pay a fee in order to keep their beloved Pit Bulls.

The Pit Bull owners were under the impression that they had until March 31st to apply for the permit and until June 1st to gather all the necessary documentation for their application.

Despite all of this, and despite following the rules, Pit Bull owners have recently become extremely confused when they received a letter from the City of Montreal. The letter offers nothing but question marks.

The cryptic letter from the city states that the application needed for them to keep their dogs is incomplete. It goes on to say that although they did receive the application, it was considered incomplete.

This same letter went out to hundreds of Pit Bull owners. It was making people upset, angry, and most of all, worried that they were going to lose their dogs.

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