These Photographs Have Helped Over 140 Pit Bulls Find Forever Homes


Sophie Gamand is a U.S. based French photographer who is on a mission to change the way people think about and view Pit Bulls. She started a project called “Flower Power, Pit Bulls Of The Revolution,” and the photographs are changing the lives of dogs around the country.

Her Instagram account has over 192,000 followers and is growing every day. When you see the pictures, you’ll know why.

“This series has a strong, important message,” Gamand told Bored Panda. “Between 800,000 and 1 million pit bull-type dogs are euthanized in America every year. Around the world, they suffer similar prejudice. My art project became a strong voice for these dogs. And people got really vested in the project. So now not only is my career in a great place, but I also have a strong following on social media, which allows me to adopt even more dogs out, and keep fighting the good fight for shelter dogs, pit bulls in particular.”

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