Neglected Pit Bull Has Total Transformation After Foster Mom Gives Her Very First Bed


A 5-year-old Pit Bull mix named Kayseeboo was very confused when her foster mom first gave her a bed to sleep on. After all, she had never seen one before because the first five years of her life were not easy. The poor girl had been severely neglected.

Kayseeboo had spent her five years chained up in a concrete lot behind a chain-link fence. This was the only life that she had ever known, that’s why when she was rescued, she was quite bewildered as to what was going on.

An animal rescue organization in New Jersey called Fur Friends In Need were finally able to get the owners of the neglected dog to surrender her. They were hellbent on getting Kayseeboo the loving home she deserved, and a safe foster home in the meantime.

After being rushed the animal clinic, the staff determined that she had a skin an ear infection; sadly, it appeared that she had been used for breeding.

“When I met her I knew I had to foster her,” Millie Acosta, who has been fostering Kayseeboo for the past two weeks, told a fellow website. “She had a bath that was an hour long … there was so much dirt it was as if she never had a bath in all her life. We let her run around and she did not know how to play — she was just happy to be running. She knew she was safe.”

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