Needy Pit Bull NEVER Lets Owner Out Of His Sight And It’s HILARIOUS!

Needy Pit Bull

There are so many reasons why we love dogs so much. They’re loyal, they’re funny, they’re loving and of course they’re adorable. The needy Pit Bull in the video you’re about to see takes all of these characteristics to the next level!

Loyalty is a trait that is hard to find in the human world but for dogs? It comes natural. As soon as they realize you’re there to protect and comfort them – they’ll never want to leave your side. Tank, the Pit Bull on the next page, takes this very literally.

Our dogs are always making us laugh too. They have silly quirks about them that are constantly keeping us giggling. And Tank? I don’t even think he realizes just how hilarious he actually is! Needy…but hilarious nonetheless.

And of course they are just unconditionally loving creatures. They don’t care about the mistakes us humans have made – they adore us with all of our faults. Tank most definitely loves his owner…and isn’t afraid to let her know.

You’ve just got to see the needy, loving, loyal and hilarious Tank as his owner catches him following her during her every move. It’s just way too adorable not so share with the world.

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