Man Gets Tattoo To Match His Dog’s, Given By Previous Owners — Results In Most Hilarious Mistake Ever


A man from Texas named Chris Mendiola had the best intentions in the world. When he rescued his dog, Bear, he noticed that he had a tattoo on his stomach. Mendiola was heartbroken to think someone would abuse a dog like that.

Mendiola was certain that the dog’s previous owners’ had taken it upon themselves to get entertainment by putting a tattoo on the pup’s stomach. Of course, had that been the truth, it would be completely maddening.

However, once Mendiola took to the internet to post a picture of Bear’s tattoo next to a picture of his new matching one — people were quick to tell Mendiola what Bear’s tattoo really meant. Thankfully — it was much less sinister.

The commenters on Mendiola’s side-by-side tattoo pictures were hilariously taken aback by the design. It was not an abusive owner that Bear had previously lived with — it was a mark done by shelters and vet clinics.

Yes, it is still a tattoo, which many animal lovers would still be upset about. But, the truth is, the small marking is to let people know that he was neutered. He was once a stray, and it is standard practice that once they’re rescued, they get spayed or neutered.

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