Mama Dog Was Left Chained During Hurricane Harvey — Two Of Her Puppies Fighting To Survive

Hurricane Harvey

A Pit Bull named Gemma has thankfully survived the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, along with two of her puppies — but they survived by the skin of their teeth. The mama dog has been left chained in floodwaters.

Her home was located in a heavily flooded area near the storm’s hardest hit area of Houston, Texas. Her chain allowed her to make it to the top of some porch stairs in order to keep her head above water.

Two of her puppies were near her at the top of the stairs, they’re unsure how many puppies she had in total — however, only the two were found. Regardless — we couldn’t be happier that rescuers spotted them in time.

After being spotted by the rescuers, Gemma and her pups were taken into a foster home. She “slept for a solid two days,” Katie Wing, co-founder of Houston K-911 Rescue, told a fellow website. “She seems to realize she’s safe.”

They couldn’t be happier to have found her and her little family after such a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey. So many other pets weren’t so lucky.

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