Little Girl Gives Snuggles To Pit Bull And It’s Making The Internet EXPLODE!

Tank Snuggles

We’ve introduced you to Tank the Pit Bull a few times now. He’s been winning the hearts over everyone that sees him. But this time? It’s his snuggles with a little girl that’s making the internet swoon.

First we showed you Tank’s stalking abilities. Constantly following his owner around like a creeper – in the cutest way ever of course. He had us laughing for a while with that one. Most adorable stalker we’ve seen.

Then Tank’s owner showed off Tank’s impressive staring contest abilities. Never once turning his head away from his owner. Even when she looks away? He’s just zoomed right in on her face and it was hilarious!

And then Tank’s owner shared a video of Tank being the laziest dog on earth. Absolutely refusing to get out of bed no matter how hard she tries. Gentle nudges and pleas to wake up? Not a chance.

Now? Tank is showing us his sweeter side as he shares snuggles in the most precious way with a tiny little girl. You will just be in awe of how gentle and nice he acts with a child. Continue to the next page to see!