Little Girl Becomes Angel To Pit Bull Puppy With ‘Unfixable Broken Heart’

PetPromise was ecstatic to hear about Maya and her love for animals. Even though she was only seven-years-old, she was wise beyond her years. “Maya has lost 2 family pets in the past year and understands what saying goodbye means. She knows that Jean won’t be here for very long,” PetPromise said.

“But this little girl, this angel, wants to foster her, to play with her, give her kisses, and treats, and take her on walks, and let her bathe in the sun, and give her the LOVE she deserves, for whatever time she has left. That is selfless. That is love,” they continued. The little girl was willing to take her on, despite her heart condition.


Jean is now at home with Maya, her mom, and their adopted rescue dog named Oscar. They provide her with medication to make sure she’s comfortable in whatever remaining days she has left.

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