Little Girl Becomes Angel To Pit Bull Puppy With ‘Unfixable Broken Heart’


PetPromise, Inc. took in a 9-month-old Pit Bull puppy that they named Jean. The rescuers were certain that Jean would find a loving home soon, she was a sweet, gentle girl that would make someone super happy.

Right before putting her under for spay surgery, the veterinarian noticed that the little girl had a heart murmur. The clinic staff was very concerned, so they sent Jean off to have more tests done.

After more research, the veterinarian determined that Jean had a deformed heart and could possibly die at any moment. PetPromise was devastated when they heard the news about the sweet girl, their dreams of having her adopted were shattered.

Luckily, Jean could still be fostered. This way, she would be loved during whatever days she had left on this earth. That’s all the staff wanted for the Pit Bull puppy.

A 7-year-old girl named Maya was the perfect foster sister for Jean. Maya’s mom agrees to take Jean home and live out her days in happiness. “Maya insists that we take her, and love her and that she lives with us until she dies so that she knows love before she dies.”

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