Little Chiweenie And Special Pit Bull Are Best Friends — Now They Need A Home Together!


When Miss Piggy arrived at a rescue organization, they knew she had come from a loving home, but she was acting very scared and fearful. She’d cower whenever someone would raise their hand. They knew she’d been through something terrible, but they knew she was special.

“Her fear wasn’t just shy timidness,” Frank, founder of Mr. Bones & Co., a rescue group in New York City, told The Dodo. “She was just flat-out fearful. If you walked toward her, she would run for cover or she would pancake, which is when a dog flattens themselves to the floor.”

Miss Piggy, along with a Chiweenie (half Chihuahua, half Dachshund) named Happy, were taken to Mr. Bones & Co. after their elderly owner, Agnes, fell ill.

“Typically, we don’t take ‘owner surrenders’ because nine out of 10 times, the owner is lazy and they decide they don’t want a dog anymore,” Frank said. “But in this case, their former owner was getting sicker and sicker. It looks like she’ll end up in assisted living in the very near future, so she started working to find someone who would take her dogs. When we heard her story, we absolutely said ‘yes.’”

As it turns out — Miss Piggy (Miss P, for short) and Happy are quite the special duo.

“Miss P has a double cleft palate, so she’s very unique looking, and we think she’s absolutely beautiful,” Frank said. “She’s got a little hodgepodge of teeth all over the place, and so sweet.”

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