Horse Gives Pit Bull BFF A Belly Massage And The Internet Is LOSING It!

Pit bull and horse BFF

There are some videos out there on the vast world wide web that really just do it for us. Videos that tug on our heart strings in such a way that makes a swoon. This horse and his Pit Bull BFF star in one of those videos.

I’m not really sure what the perfect recipe is for these types of “viral” videos. Lots of the videos go viral for sad or heartbreaking reasons – but personally, I think there’s too much of that going around in the world.

It’s the happy, cute or “aww”-inducing videos that we absolutely love. Everyone could use a little more happiness and moments of giggles in their lives, don’t you think? That’s something we can definitely get behind.

Animal odd couples are definitely on the top of the list when it comes to cuteness factor. And this horse and his Pit Bull BFF are ridiculously cute. You can tell that they absolutely adore one another.

Watch the video on the next page as the Pittie happily lays down in the dirt while his horse friend massage his belly. It’s the cutest thing on the planet – you can’t help but smile while watching it!