Grateful Dog Won’t Stop Hugging Owner That Just Adopted Him

grateful dog

A woman named Kayla Filoon recently adopted a dog named Russ. The fact that she rescued an unwanted dog from a shelter is amazing in and of itself, but, this isn’t what caught people’s attention. It was when Filoon posted a photo of her grateful dog that the internet went totally crazy.

Filoon is a college student at Temple University. She regularly volunteers at the local animal shelter and she noticed Russ a while back. The poor dog was sick, had kennel cough, an eye infection, and a wounded tail.

Not only was Russ suffering from all of these horrible ailments, he was also severely malnourished and underweight. However, the dog was still extremely well-mannered with a very sweet demeanor.

Filoon knew the second that she laid eyes on Russ that she would take him home one day. “He knew I was going to be his mommy one day.” It was the look on his face when she first met him that said it all.

The next day, Filoon went back to the animal shelter and decided to spend some time with Russ to see if he truly was a good fit for her. They took a two-hour drive together and it completely sealed the deal.

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