Girl Felt Alone After Losing Her Leg — Then She Met A Furry Friend Who Could Relate

A young girl named Lydia was born with a disease eating away at her leg. Three years ago, she had to have her leg amputated. Since she was just a kid, this was extremely hard on Lydia and she felt depressed and alone.

After losing her leg, Lydia felt like she had no one that could understand what she was going through. Her mom was reeling, trying to figure out how to comfort her daughter. She hated seeing her feel so sad.

Lydia’s mom brainstormed about ways to help comfort her daughter and she came up with a brilliant plan — she’d adopt a dog. She immediately began to call different shelters across the state of Utah.

Even though there were plenty of dogs up for adoption, Lydia’s mom wanted a dog that would be perfect for her daughter. She was looking for a dog that was missing a leg too.

After months of searching, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary came through with the dog of their dreams. His name was Clover, and he too was missing a leg.

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