Firefighter Puts Life On The Line To Rescue Dog On Cliff — Now This Pup Needs A Home!


As you know, firefighters aren’t heroes just for putting out fires. They do so much more than that. They are part of all sorts of rescue missions, no matter the level of danger in the situation. One day — the fire station received an unusual call, and a firefighter was going to go above and beyond.

The Hamden Fire Department in Connecticut is used to being called to all different kinds of situations. But this particular call caught them a bit off guard, it wasn’t like their usual calls of distress.

Apparently, a dog was trapped on the edge of a remote cliff in an area called West Rock Mountain. It was bizarre that the dog was in this location, especially all by themselves. The team rushed to the scene.

The dog was discovered by  Parks and Recreation Department staff; they heard barking bouncing off the mountainside and immediately called Animal Control. They felt that something wasn’t quite right.

The trapped dog was in such an isolated area that the staff knew it was going to be difficult to rescue the poor thing. They eagerly waited for help to arrive.

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