A Family Of Coyotes Let Lost Dog Join Their Pack For Over A Year


If Wiley could talk, he would have a million stories to tell. He lived a life that most domestic dogs would never get to experience. After getting lost, Wiley lived with a wild pack of coyotes for over an entire year.

The dog was spotted near Kingston, New York around 18-months ago. The two-year-old dog was living with the pack of coyotes. “He was being sighted constantly, playing with them, running with them,” Nicole Asher, founder of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery (BDRR), told a fellow website.

“How he integrated with them we don’t know; we have no idea,” Asher said. “But it’s not unheard of. There are coy-dogs out there, coyote-dog hybrids that happen when dogs and coyotes mate. But it’s rarely seen in person — you know, dogs hanging with coyotes.”

Asher is well-known for her rescuing skills. She first heard about Wiley last week when Sarah Nace, of Lost Pets of Hudson Valley (LPHV), called her to help.

When the rescuers arrived, they could see that Wiley was clearly having a good time with the wild coyotes, however, they knew the dog would be better off in a home. He might even belong to someone.

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