Dog Who Can’t Walk Gets Pushed Around In Her Own Special Wagon


We can thank two amazing people for giving a dog a life that no one else was willing or able to give. This story is about a very special dog named Lady Cherie and you’re going to fall in love with this story.

It started when a woman named Tyrella Frank and her best friend Renee Bourne wanted to adopt a dog. They went in with the intentions to adopt a black dog they had their eyes on — but then they saw Lady Cherie.

This special dog was missing a paw and had a sign on her kennel that read “Experienced handlers only.” Tyrella knew that she was head over heels for this dog the minute they locked eyes.

Lady Cherie, however, was extremely scared of people. She didn’t want anyone to come anywhere near her. We don’t even want to think about the past actions that made her this way.

But Tyrella and Renee were not just going to walk away from her that easily. You’re heart is absolutely going to melt when you see what unfolded. Continue to the next page to see what happens in an amazing turn of events.