Dog Abandoned Because He Was ‘Too Ugly’ — Has Life-Changing Transformative Surgery


A dog was found wandering the streets of Houston — shockingly, he was missing half of his nose. Animal control was called immediately to come and help this poor dog. It was clear that the sweet boy needed serious medical attention.

It turned out that the dog’s name was Bjarni, which is a Norse term for ‘Bear.’ The local shelter that took him in was able to find and contact Bjarni’s owners. Sadly — the told them that they didn’t want him back.

They said he was ‘too ugly.’

Even when the shelter told them that he would most likely be euthanized because of his severe medical needs, they still were not interested in bringing Bjarni back home. The shelter staff was shocked and heartbroken.

Thankfully, the shelter reached out to St. Francis’ Angels, which is an animal rescue organization — the jumped on the chance to help this sweet, defenseless dog. They couldn’t believe he could be discarded like that.

Anne Graber is the founder of the organization, and she immediately went to the shelter to pick up the abandoned dog. It was time to give him the love and attention that he so truly deserved.

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